About Us!

To me, the writing was always a hobby. I don’t remember precisely when did I started writing in a literal way but, what I remember that I used to watch open mics or Hasya Kavi Sammelan on TV when I was a child. Then I thought that I could write these poems too. In eighth class, I got good support from my English teacher, who encouraged me to think and write the stories instead of just memorizing them. That time, I started writing English stories and Hindi poems. I have a good memory that I wrote a poem in class 9th and showed it to my teacher. I also remember that I had some contradiction with my seniors when I was in 9th, and I wrote a story trolling them. After that my journey with writing started. I used to write poems and stories in the summer vacations of my 10th.

In that time, I used to write it, and I didn’t show my work to anyone, because I had some bitter experience with it. I had shown it to some of my friends, but they just made fun of my writings. I was afraid of showing it to anyone, but I kept writing. At that free time, I started reading books as well. I wrote a considerable amount of work at that time, but today, I don’t know where it is?

The turning point in my confidence occurred in 11th class. My physics teacher has a big hand in everything in what I am today. He organized a Sci-Fi story writing competition. That was like a golden chance for me, and I won the game having no real competitor. But the physics teacher supported my writing, and he introduced me to various authors like Chetan Bhagat and Amish Tripathi. He gave me novels and books in 11th. But It all stopped in 12th because I have to study in 12th.

The booster in my writing experience came with my admission to St. Stephen’s College and When I joined the Poetry Society. They gave me the confidence, the objective and purpose of the writing. At that time, I joined the community of writers on YourQoute app also. This app provided me with a lot of content to write. The poetry society used to organize a weekly poetry discussion with a theme, in some of the earliest meetings, I brought my work, and I was praised unexpectedly. That made me think that I am a good poet. After that, I realized myself as a poet, and I started to write poems on the app and for Poesoc every week.

That continued a couple of months, now I have started writing poems. I used to recite poems in the poetry discussion. After that, on December 21, 2019, I made this blog. In 2020, the poetry discussion went irregular, so my poems also went lesser. In March 2020, I come home, and I was likely to cut off from writing, but April 2020, being the National Poetry Writing Month, saved me from it. In that month, I thought of writing a poem every day. Well, that is not possible. But I wrote 18 poems in that month.

Then, I started looking at the blog regularly. In June 2020, I made a solid plan to post poems on the blog, and I am following that till now. Now, I see to write a poem and a story every week. I post them in this blog. Sometimes, I found them quickly, but sometimes; it becomes a headache. But overall, I am enjoying both blogging and writing.

I hope you like my blog too.