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In Search for the Absolute

  Sometimes, I trace back to my days at St. Stephen's College. Those good days! One day, I was explaining the special theory of relativity to one of my juniors, who was not from a science background. She had read about the twin paradox and wanted me to explain it. I told her that time slows down when we travel at high speed. "What do you mean by 'time slows down?" "I mean that everything in time slows down , including biological processes like a heartbeat, aging. That's why one of the twins is younger than the other when they reunite." "But how can time slow down?", She was not ready to accept it as it was. I accepted it and did not ask my teacher why time slows down. "Time is not absolute, it is not the same for all the observers. It is actually different for different observers." Suddenly, my mind referred to the genius series clip I watched online. "Suppose you are standing by a train track, you see two lightning bolt

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