Data Types

Hello! Everyone.

For last few months, the blog has been an essential part of my life, I am giving A good amount of time to this blog. But Now I think that is not enough, my blog requires more attention and more entries. So Here I am to introduce of what kind of posts will you find in this blog. Let's start:


I like writing poems. I write what I feel deeply in form of words, in form of matching ends, in form of verses. I use metaphors and other tools so that my writing can be formed into a poem. I write many types of poems like love poems, inspiration, comedy and religious. I write poems in various languages as  well, in them Hindi, English and Punjabi are the leading one. I post a poem every Thursday here. Sometimes, I translate poems also, from Punjabi to Hindi or  English and Sanskrit to English, that all are of this data type. So keep in mind, put the event in your calendar, Every Thursday, One poem in any language.


When I talk about stories, I mostly talk about my own experience but sometimes, It contains pure imagination as well. When I write a story, I imagine a plot or an event, then I create my characters. I play with them, I think about them, I live the lives of my characters. I make them, I make them do something, I make dialogues and I finally conclude them with a result. The stories are the part of Sunday blog, I publish them on Sundays.


This is my new art, I am not so experienced in writing articles but I am trying to be experienced in it. I take a subject particularly, I like self-improvement and productivity topics, I think deeply about them, I analyze them, then write them in a constructive way to make them sensible with a transparent message. This is also a part of Sunday Blog, I publish them on Sundays.


This is my new initiative, I am taking this to improve my writing skills. Here I am going to write Hindi humor poems or short articles. I am always fond of reading, listening and writing hasya kavita in Hindi and I am embedding this  here. That are also a part of Tuesday blog. So on Tuesday, you may get some jokes collections from the net, stay tuned.

 The Explorer:

This is the travel blog. I am not so fond of traveling but I am going to start this. I will travel somewhere once in a month and I will sketch my experience in the words. I will describe the scene as detailed as much as I can. This is a sort of experiment,  I am going to do. So let's see how does It goes, Every Tuesday. 

So these are the data types in my blog. I hope you like it.

Thank  you.