'Bharat': Avtaar Singh Sandhu 'Pash' Poem in English

India -
The greatest word of honor in my eyes 
Wherever it is used
All other word seems meaningless

Meaning of this word is related to
The sons of Indian land
Who, till now, by shadows of trees
Measure the time. 
They don't have any problem expect stomach
And when they are hungary
They can eat their own parts
For them life is a tradition
And the meaning of death if Freedom. 

Whenever anyone talks about 
Indian Regional Unity 
My heart says that I 
Throw his hat in the air
And tell him 
That meaning of India 
Is not related to any 'Dushyant' 
But it is to the fields 
Where the food grows up. 

~Avtaar Singh Sandhu 'Paash'