But, Even and Because

Things are there
But nothing is important
Expect you, my love!
The Sun is rising
But there is no light
Without you, my girl!
Winds are up
But there is no feeling
Without you, my dear! 
Summer is coming 
But I am feeling cold 
Without you, my love!
I am missing you
Even I didn't have you 
I want to talk to you
Even I don't know your language 
I love you with all my heart 
Even  I know that you don't love me
Actually I don't want your love
Because I know that you love anyone else 
And I don't want to cut your love to him
But I love you with all my heart
Actully I want to tell my feelings to you
And I don't want your reply 
Because I don't want to snatch other's love
I had some feelings for you
And I have still that feelings.
I know that you didn't have anything 
You didn't have any feeling for me
And you still don't have. 
But it's okey, Live your life. 
Thank you 😊.