Love: A Physicist's Outlook

Your face is like book of Physics
I want to again and again read it 
Your eyes are like time machine
We can go to past and future in it.

Your nose is like least square fit
You forehead is spacetime of STR,
Your ears are unique in universe
And earrings are red shining star.

Your hairs are as absence of light
You create Electromagnetic Waves, 
When you do speak with your voice
They spread all around happiness. 

Your beauty is like event horizon 
Your friendship is electron cloud, 
Your physical look is like rainbow 
Voice is like the Big Bang's sound. 

Your thoughts are quantum physics 
Your behaviour is just the reverse, 
Your love is more than speed of light 
Your bravery is radius of universe.

Talking to you is similar to attend 
A lecture of physics by Mary curie,
So deep, real and extraordinary 
But simple and besic of the theory. 

You are just like Genral relativity 
Complex for those who really know, 
But so simple for those who don't 
They just think time can be slow. 

You are prediction of warm hole
Who knows you, can't understand,
Then yes! I am like Albert Einstein 
Thinking everything is in my hand. 

Everything is relative. Our love too 
It varies in different inertial frame, 
It is infinite in my own rest frame 
But it's just zero in your rest frame.

~Shyam Sunder