Me and My Fortune


I have a good friend to play with me

It is not human,not bird not animal
It is my luck, It is my fortune. 
My fortune plays sometimes with me
When I am very near to the target 
It circulates me whole over the path 
Then makes me comeback to the target. 
My fortune plays with my weakness
To forget just small and big things 
And sets the things just to hurt me. 
My fortune plays with my weakness
Of doing things slower than average 
And makes me late to everything. 
(As Being Runout on No ball) 
My fortune plays with my weakness
Of less sharing my thoughts and things
Making me shy in everyone's eye. 
(That not supposed to be) 


Me and my fortune are good friends ;
Even it distracts me from my target
It also shows me the right path. 
Even it hurts me with my memory power
It also helps me to forget bad memories. 
Even it makes me late sometimes 
It also gives me perfect timing not early. 
Even it makes my shy what I am not 
It also stops me to share results
Based on my wrong assumptions.   

~Shyam Sunder