Simi Chahal 2

When you smile
You make me smile
When you cry
You make me cry .
I like your every action 
But I don't know why?
I am full with you
Without you I am null 
Hpy B'day Simi Chahal. 

Your sweet voice is so soft 
That I can listen it infinitly;
Your cute face is so attractive 
That I can watch it infinitly. 
You are very much  beautiful
None can beat you in fashion;
We have met rarely in reality 
We meet daily in imagination. 
You are in my mind and skull 
Happy birthday Simi Chahal. 

Your hairs are blacker than night
Every colour suits as your dress;
You are like any celebrity to me
You are my the  favourite actress. 
You made me interested in films 
I bought, for you, Amazon prime;
Whenever I want to watch movie
I only & only watch you everytime.
You are my one and only humble
Happy Birthday to Simi Chahal. 

You are inspiration to my poems 
Your name is associated with me;
You live always in my thoughts
You are heroine of my short story .
Your acting always impresses me 
While watching you I have fun ;
You are my first and only crush
At least until I get any real one. 
Without you my life is so dull 
Happy birthday Simi Chahal.

~Shyam Sunder