When It Rains

When it rains in morning
I am little bit more happy 
Because I get more time to 
complete sleep and dream.

When it rains in afternoon
I enjoy so much to be wet in water,
I sing, dance and jump in rainwater 
I forget all stress or responsibilities. 

When it rains in evening
I sit in a corner and just watch
It raining on trees near the canal 
And discover title of a new poem. 

When it rains in Night 
I am afraid of loosing my sleep
I put my self into the blanket 
And listen carefully sound of rain. 

When it rains in late night 
I become little bit frustrated 
Putting the things in outside 
It disturbed my sleep & dream. 

When it rains in winter 
I thank god for this pleasure 
It is so good for the wheat crop 
Which will fulfill someone's hunger. 

When it rains just after sowing 
I become little bit angry with god 
Because it has smashed out all
The crops along with our hopes. 

When it rains in summer
I become very much happy 
Now the environment is colder 
And I can play cricket with friends. 

When it rains on  Saturdays
This is the best day to rain 
Because it is auspicious to rain
And I get dilicious 'Gulgula' to eat. 

When it rains with hailstorm 
I cry and weep thinking conditions
And I pray to God for not doing this 
Because it completely vanishes crops.