After Publishing


How Does Publishing Feels?

It's Sunday Discussion. 
Let's talk about publishing. Not the real publishing but online publishing. I have published my new book recently, 'Dil, Dosti Aur Duaa'. It is a love story. It took me fifteen days to write it. Two days to edit and one day to format. I published it on amazon kindle on 18th July. I saw a great enthusiasm around me about my book. I put a post on Instagram to inform my followers that I have published my book. I absorbed three types of people-
1. They showed a great excitement. They said they want to read it. They showed as they are waiting for this story for months. I become very happy to see these people. These are the people who inspire me to write more and more.
2. They congratulated me, said me best of luck. I said them ,Thank You. I like these people. They didn't give me a false hope that they read it. 
3. These people are great. They asked me 'How much do I earn by doing this? Wow! None of them looked like they also want to publish their book. That was not the reason. The reason was that they are either surprised or jealous that I have published a book to earn money.

These are people,  I come across. There are also some people that did not express their feels but I know that. They thinks first I am not a good writer even they haven't read me. Second I can't be a famous by self-publishing my books.    
Some people messaged me that Kindle is asking for money. I replied that they have to pay. Some thought that I am not a big writer so that they invest money on me. Some didn't have online payment resources. Some didn't want to pay. some asked me for Free pdf. Well that's not possible.

Well! I don't care what people think about me but this is not just writing, It is marketing and here you have to think what the public want and what to provide them. It sucks.

So coming on final discussion. How did I feel after publishing. Firstly, I feel very delighted, as danced. I have made it finally. My hard work is going to live. But later I felt unhappy to know that all the enthusiasm, my friends made was fake. None is ready to give fifty rupees for their friend's book. All want free things. They thinks they are giving the money to me directly. That's not true, They are giving money to amazon and amazon deserve it. It is my publisher. Two days has passed since I have published my book. There is only one purchase. That is mine. It takes me back to the fact that I am in The Rest Frame of myself and I am the only observer in this rest frame.

Thank You