Today a snake entered my house
 Mother told me to kill the snake
 I said I can not kill a creature
 It is against the law of nature
 She said that It harms humans
 It has venom so poisonous  
 I said yes, but only if we pretend
 to torture a snake till its life end
 It tries to help itself from us
 S It uses its attack so poisonous.
 But it has entered our residence
 We have to attack it in our defense
 I said we had destroyed its home
 That's why it entered here, my mom.
 She said we couldn't risk it
 You will have to understand a bit.
 It would go away. It is just afraid
 Why should we want to make it dead?
 Trying to kill it is just nonsense
 It will go away. Give it a chance.
 My mother said that I was gone mad
 It is so crucial to make it dead
 I asked my mother a simple question
You are afraid because a snake is a snake
humans are dangerous because they are fake
Don't some humans kill other humans?
Why don't we consider them murderous?
My mother said that we have connections
We have set up so many communications.
We, humans, share some common relations
I said that is the key to misunderstanding
We have actually lost the understanding
We have ruined our relations with nature
Why have we become enemies of creatures
We should try to understand the system
The Christ had created it with wisdom
We should at least try to live in peace
Friendship is the key to our happiness.
Whatsoever, The snake was killed by mom
Shyam was upset, so he wrote this poem.

~ Shyam Sunder