A Son's Letter to His Father



69, Mini House
23 May 2020

Dear Papa

It is a very long time since I have talked to you. I am writing to you today because I have come across the happiest moment in my life. I am been father, papa. God has given me a beautiful daughter. Healy has gifted me the most beautiful gift of my life. She is as beautiful as Healy and as fair too. Being a father gave me a feeling that I thought of you, papa. I have lived my life without my father. But I will give all happiness to my daughter as a father. I can do whatever I can.

 You left me at ten. My life suddenly changed after that. Maa, she was married to someone else after two months you died. I stayed with Taya Ji. I was ensured to meet her once in a month. But she died after two months, some say she was killed, some say she committed suicide. I don't know. At that age, I have left with no words and no feelings. Taya Ji made me work in their fields but he sent me to school as well. I worked hard both in agriculture and studies. My principal of the high school gave me a scholarship for higher studies at St. Stephan's College, New Delhi. There, I was selected for the Indian U-19 international team and from there to Indian Team. 

I met Healy at a bar in Sydne. I know it is quite extraordinary. But in our first few meetings, I fell in love with her. She is nice, papa, the perfect daughter-in-low for you. She is Australian, I don't know whether you would have allowed me to marry a foreigner but I hope you understand that I don't have a father to look for a bride for me. She is beautiful, she loves me, she cares for me.

Oh! I didn't tell you, we have decided to name our daughter 'Riya'. Why Riya? Absolutely on that girl, I loved in college. Don't think I am not over her yet, But I can't deny the fact that I still love her. So I have given my daughter the name Riya. It is a nice name. isn't it? Oh! Don't worry about that. I don't make her sad. I have decided to call her Riya Smith. It is funny. Isn't it?  I am not a sexiest so Riya from me and the surname Smith from her. I wish You would be with me.

Papa, I haven't spent much time with you so I don't remember you much. But I miss you, papa. I miss your presence in my life. I have gone through many ups and downs in my life. I missed you to share my joy at my good moments and I missed you to console me when I was depressed. I missed you in my marriage. I missed you when I was given a cap. I miss you now papa. I wished you were there when we won the World cup. Taya Ji passed last year. My cousins are well-set. 

Papa, thank you, thank you for creating me. thank you for making me solid and hard to face the difficulties of the world. Thank you for teaching me how to live on my own. Thank you for everything, I have today. Thank you once again.

Will meet you in heaven one day.

Your Son