By the Way



By the way, what is your name?
I remember your name is.. sam.
Excuse me!
It is not sam, It's Shyam Sunder
Did I meet you in the book fair?
Oh yes!
You were in red sweater, Right?
The shirt was light red or white.
We bought the same book there
It was a nice and good book fair.

By the way
Where is your college canteen?
We should have coffee, I mean.
I will take you there  if you say
And we call it Cafe, by the way.
By the way, It is not much walk
I came Stephans to attend a talk.
Oh Good!
Would you like tea? By the way, 
Don't worry about it. I will  pay.
Thank you
Your college building is so good
You should also talk some, dude.
By the way
Tell me what is the talk all about
I will help the venue to found out.
It is something as physics tutorial
Do you mean the Popli Memorial?
Oh Yes!
Hey, I want to say you look smart
And this is how the stories start.

By The Way
To Be Continued...

~ Shyam Sunder