MS Dhoni Retires

He ended the suspense! He announced his retirement. When I heard this news, firstly, I was shocked, then I was sad when I come through the fact that I will never see him playing again in international cricket anymore. It was like a great shock for me. A similar mental situation was at the time when I came across Shushant Singh Rajput suicide news. I will never see reel Dhoni or Real Dhoni working in their respective fields again.

When I was a child, I heard about Dhoni from my father. Dhoni: This name has faith in it. The name has hope. Whenever India was in trouble, I have listened to this from my father-
"Don't worry, Dhoni is there." A hope that lies in this name.

I have an event when I first came across the name:

1. It was a match between India and Sri-Lanka. Five runs needed in one ball. Dhoni was on the strike. My father said: "Don't worry, Dhoni is there." Dhoni didn't hit six on that ball. But it was a no-ball. And Dhoni hit a six on the next ball and we won the match.

2. In world cup 2011 final, Sachin and Sehwag got out early. I was in disbelieve that we have lost the matchMy father said: "Don't worry, Dhoni is there." And the rest is history.

To be honest, I never imagined MS Dhoni as the captain in my dream eleven. I always choose Virat Kohli or nowadays, Rohit Sharma. That is because I have learnt a lot about captaincy, how field placements works etc as Virat Kohli as captain. But when I see MS Dhoni as CSK captain, I wish I had learnt these things earlier, I have enjoyed cricket more.

Some moments are attached with MS Dhoni very deeply. As:
3. Once against Australia, Dhoni hit a long six that the ball had a collision with the camera, umpire declared it a dead ball. Dhoni sent the next ball out of the stadium.

4. I remember the champions trophy 2013 final. It was the mind of MS Dhoni that we were able to defend 129 runs in 20 overs without any Jaspreet Bumrah or Yuzi Chahal.

5. WC semifinal 2019, the saddest day of My cricket experience, I have just returned after my admission at St. Stephen's college. We have hopes in our eyes, when MS Dhoni was playing, even Rohit, Kohli got dismissed but the destiny wanted something else.

I am not sad from MS Dhoni's retirement, very legend has to retire. I am just sad because I wanted to see him playing the last match. I wanted to his proper farewell. I wanted to listen to his last speech, last press conference, "All the credit goes to my team, They worked hard for the win." 

Thank you, MS Dhoni, for your wonderful and inspiring career.
Thank you the test captain of all time. Mahi, Thank You.