The Tale of Love


“You sing very nice.”  Riya commented. I looked at her in a thankful way.

“So you liked it.”

“But I understood nothing. What is it about?” she suppressed my excitement.
“It is a popular love story in Punjab.”
“Oh! Really? I would love to listen to it.”
It was Lohri. We sat in the café sipping coffee. There was a classical music program in the afternoon. Actually, I have suggested it. I sang ‘Mirza’. The dance program was in the night. It was Lohri night actually. Thank God for this time, it was on Sunday, last year it was on Monday and I missed the decoration due to labs.
“Ok! I will tell you the story.”
“Tell me now.” She insisted. She was wearing tight jeans with a white T-Shirt and a blue sweater. Her hairs were open and that makes her more beautiful.
“Mirza and Sahiba studied in the same school. It was Sahiba’s village and Mirza’s maternal village. They fell in love with each other. They spent time with each other in fairs etc. But their maulvi, the teacher found out their love and said Mirza to leave Sahiba. Mirza didn’t want to spoil Sahiba and her family’s name, so he left the village. Sahiba’s marriage was fixed to someone else. Then Sahiba wrote a letter to Mirza saying that she couldn’t live without him. Taking her love into consideration, Mirza rode on a horse to her village and picked her up from marriage venue just before the marriage.”
“Wow! She said.”
“This is not the end of the story. Mirza was an excellent horse-rider so he disappeared soon from their glances. They reached a jungle and decided to rest there. Suddenly a tiger arrived there. Sahiba get afraid but Mirza didn’t. He shot it dead in just one arrow.”
“How brave he is!”
“Mirza decided to take rest. He fell asleep under the tree, Sahiba didn’t. Sahiba was stunned from his bravery. She looked at Mirza. He was a sharpshooter also. She thought that her brothers were behind them. If it led fighting Mirza would kill her family. So …” I stopped.
“So she broke all his arrows one by one.”
“Really she did.”
“Yes. Her brothers arrived there soon. And they fought with Mirza. When Mirza looked at his arrows, they were broken.”
“What happened then?”
“What was to happen? They killed both of them.”
“Both of them?”
“Yes. Love is such crap. You can’t trust even your lover. You can’t trust anyone except yourself.”
“That is not true always. This is a story but there are stories also where one gives their life to protect his or her lover.”
“Love is just crap. You can’t understand a girl. And this era none is interested in real love. There are just time-passes only. People use their bodies to enjoy their youth. And that’s why they seek for a partner. I hate love.”
“This is not true always Mr. true love still exists.” Her voice seemed rude. I didn’t realize what have I said in the Josh of the story. I didn’t realize that I am ruining my mage in front of a girl whom do I love. I didn’t realize that I am going away from my love.
“Will you do true love?” I asked. The story was still in my mind.
“Yes! I will do it.”
“But only when you find a true lover for yourself.”
“I will do it myself for me, mister.”
“Let’s see.”
“I will show you.” She hit her fist in the table.
My eyes got wet. Healy gave me water. I was telling her my love story about college.
“That is your fault. You should learn to control yourself, man. Now if you love her at any depth, she will not realize.”
“She didn’t. But she was right, true love exists in this world.”
“And this is your love for her. I wish I could take place of Riya.”
“You have come in my life like a blessing. I love you, Healy. More than Riya, more than anyone in this world, more than anything in this universe, I love you.”
“I love you too.”