Hindi Day: A Small Step to Save Hindi


We celebrate 14th September as Hindi day every year. As we are leading towards modern culture, we are adopting English in our culture, that is right but we are giving less significance to the Hindi language that is not right. In bureaucracy also, Hindi has lost its old value as the old government agents are bring replaced by new agents. We can see that ten years ago when we get any letter from the officials, it was typed in Hindi but today the letter id typed in English even the rural people don't know to read them. So we can see that English is on its way to replace Hindi from all areas.

The English language is not only affecting day to day life but the literature also. English literature is being more and more popular day by day as Hindi literature, being more descriptive and intuitive, is left behind. As English is spoken in half of the world and Hindi is an only Indian language, English literature is richer than Hindi literature. The number of writers in English is significantly more than the number of writers in Hindi. But Hindi literature is more Advance than English literature. The decorations, poetic figures, metaphors are more advanced in Hindi literature. Chhayawad: is yet to come in English.

But nowadays literature lovers are getting attracted more towards English literature than Hindi literature. We read not only Indian English writers but also many foreigners. Now if we ask any literature lover about his or her favorite book then it is surely an English book. So Hindi literature has lost its importance and popularity in the last twenty years mostly. The number of English readers had raised but the number of Hindi lovers had decreased.

The reason behind it is the spreading of English medium schools and the tendency of their parents to teach them English. I have seen in these schools that they like to teach them English but they don't pay attention to the Hindi language. We were taught Hindi rhymes in the nursery but hey are being taught English poems. The children's Hindi become terrible they don't know even Hindi countings. I have a friend who says that he can't read Hindi because their board eliminated Hindi after eighth and now his Hindi is terrible so it is the total fault of our education system.

That has a terrible and big effect on the writers' world. Because Hindi Literature is losing popularity, the existing Hindi writer also losing sales. For young writers like me, who write Hindi, they don't seem a bright career in writing so they don't want to take it. And the literature lovers, who can go into writing, they don't have good knowledge of Hindi. And because the demand for English literature is increasing, the publishers also focusing on English literature more than Hindi. We have produced a good number of English novelist and writer as Chetan Bhagat, Amish Tripathi, and many more names in the last two decades but not even one great Hindi writer.

The solution to it is in the following steps.
First to make the literature lovers read Hindi literature. For this, we have to make them aware of the beauty of Hindi literature. We can recite a Hindi poem in front of them. We can suggest them to read some good and basics of Hindi poems, hence we can make them read Hindi.
Second, add new people to Hindi reading club. The people who don't read any literature also should tend to read Hindi books. This can be done by organizing the Open Mic, 'Hasya Kavi Sammelan'. Comedy is more popular in India, So hasyakavita can be a good tool to make new readers.
Third, making the writers write Hindi. This can be done by giving them titles and Prompts to write. Organizing Hindi poetry writing competitions and providing them the Audience. Here comes the importance of Hindi day.

Hindi Day should be celebrated in vast enthusiasm. All three points should be covered in the celebration. We should organize open mics and other competitions also. We should make people aware of Hindi poets. We should invite them to recite their poetry. We should distribute our Hindi books free to the literature lovers so they can get to be love in Hindi too. We should spread Hindi literature as Hindi poems among people with the help of social media and other platforms. TV channels and public organizations, societies can help us more in this. We should publicize the Hindi Literature more and more. Just one day, Just Hindi day, Just 14th September. 

If you have read this blog till the end, that means you are interested. Just take a picture of your favorite poem and put it as your status and story. Take just a small step towards expending Hindi Literature. Thank You. 

Jay Hind
Vande Matram.