Lucky Rewards

 Let me share a lucky moment with you.

Today, I recharged for my Jio account and I got 15GB extra data, 1 year Disney + Hotstar (Free IPL), and got 450 rupees cashback. Means I have killed it. I am feeling so good and so happy that I can't write in the words. I am feeling like I am the luckiest guy in the world. 

I was lacking confidence in last few days but this gives me a lesson. I got so much lessons today, this was only one of them. I got many lessons today. 

First, I learned how to deal with my worst habit that is of procrastination. That happenes beacuse I don't know exectly what to do. Now I have decided to writing down the goals of day in the morning itself and put the list in front of me. I will try to do that list whenever I got time in the day, and firstly I have done that, I can do other fun things. 

Second, I found that I was missing something, in this era of tech, I spend more time with tech doing thaings that don't even make sense, like watching youtube comedy videos. I have decided to sepend at least one hour with nature. 

Third, I will try to exercise, not giving ease to my body. I have found that I have lost the energy, I used to have. I can't bowl that much fast. I can't swing the bat that much fast. I have to retain these things. 

What I got today was the reward of these commitments, let's see how much time will I spend woth these. 

Thank You