Make them brave

I am not a parent but still, I am writing this. I am a child, so I am advising modern parents as a child. There are some points that I missed but there are many points that I had but these modern child don't have. I want to mention them exectly. I have a niece, she is two years old. My elder brother was so close to me and so is his daughter. I spent a lot of time with her and also with her parents parent her. I advise them what I feel about parenting so am writing here.

1. Make them experiment:

Don't tell them everything exectly, but give them hints and tell them to explore. Children often have these type of questions like, why are the things are the way that is? Because parents are always busy so we tell them exectly what is it. Don't do this. Tell them little things and give them more to explore. Let me take an expamle:

Richard Feynmen says that once he asked his father that why things fall straight down to earth? His father absolutely knew about gravity but he said, I don't know. And now he says that if his father told him about the newtonian gravity, he might be not explored about it and he couldn't have explained Einstein's Genral Relativity.

Sometimes we say that umm... Don't touch the hot boil. Beause our heart can't see them hurt. And they ask why souldn't I touch it? And we say, you will get hurt. But I don't do this, I provide them hints and make her explore. As in this case, I said her to touch the boil slightly with her little finger and you will get the answer. She did. Now She has the answer and I don't need to repeat this again and again.

2. Your fears are not theirs:

Sometimes, we judge them on our fears, we say don't run fast, you will fall. Don't jump from the wall. I have seen such parents in my life that they don't let them play cricket because they think that one can break his or her bones in cricket. Well that is not true. That is your fear, it is not their fear. Let them do it. Let them play cricket, let them run fast, let them jump from the walls.

I have seen that in early ages, when a child cries then parents give her their phones to stop her or him. Soon they get to addicted to it. and spend more time on it. Some parents worries about it and most don't they are happy that their chlild don't go out and does mischieves. It is harmful let them go out, let them do mischives, let them fight with street boys. That's how we human socialise.

3. Don't fulfil every wish:

When a child demad something, we being a parent fulfil it immigiately. That is very good we should do it. But only that is good for him or her. Unless they will understand themselves as master of us. And that will lead him to misbehave in future. Sometimes we don't fulfil thier wish then he or she cries; our heart melts and it is done. But repeatation of this becomes his habit and he will using this power everytime. So be strict.

But be a parent. If you don't fulfil any wish then it will genarate a bad feeling that his parents don't care for him and that is very dangerous.

4. Teach them Local:

There is trend kind of thing in parents that They make their children speak Hindi in their childhood and don't let them speak local language. You don't believe that it will lead to a very shameful situation in future when he will step into the world. When I ask my college friends about their local language which they don't know, they feel so much bad. So teach them the mothertounge. Hindi and english, they wll learn in schools.

And One thing, I want to say that government schools are not bad. High profilic english miduim schools will yeach them how to count table in englidh but they don't tell them hindi. which is bad because we use hindi. A govrnment school will teach her hoe to count in hindi, english. And also how to make friends, how to maintain cleanlyness, how to behave, how to plant a tree and much more practile. You can chnage the miduim after that but in early life, These schools are necessary.

5. Make them brave:

My sixteen year old cousin sister told me to pass her out because there was a lizard. I couldn't control myslef to laugh. That she is sixteen and still afraid of tiny creature, but it is a more serious point. That is because in her childhood, her parents would have made her afraid of the lizard for doing something wrong and so she is still afraid of it. That is the origin of things like ghosts and Hau.

Don't make them afraid of these things. Make them brave. Tell them not to do these things morally. Make them friend of creatures. 

These were my points on patenting. I have got good parents.

Thank You!