Unexcepted Friendship

 Yesterday was the day when Yuvraj Singh smashed six sixes in an over in 2007. It was the T20 world cup 2007. Yuvraj came in 18th over and smashed six sixes in 19th over to Stuart Broad. He made his half century in just 16 balls that is the fastest half century ever. India made a good 218 and restricted the mighty England to 200 to register 18-runs wins. Think if Yuvraj hadn't hit thirty-six runs in that over, then it would have missed, we would have lost.

What exactly happened was that Yuvraj hit two fours in 18th over, so Andrew Flintoff abused Yuvi on field. Yuvraj got angry and Broad came with next over. Angry Yuvraj hit six sixes on six balls of that over. It made not only Yuvraj Singh but also Stuart Broad famous in India. Whenever, there comes name of broad they relate it with this event. 

But What happened after that? Stuart's father, Chris Broad, who was match referee of that match. came and said to Yuvraj- "You have almost ruined the career of my son." Then Yuvraj give Stuart Broad his T-Shirt with his sign and wrote on it-

I have been hit for five sixes in an over, I know how does it feel. The thing is not the pain, the achievement it how do you recover from it.

 And as all of you know, Stuart Broad has added his name in the list of greatest bowlers of all time. He recently completed 500 test wickets. After being hit six sixes he has risen up extraordinarily in the field of cricket. HE has done very much hard work and He is one of the greatest of all time. 

Here starts the Unexpected friendship of Yuvi and Broad. They become very close friends soon. Their friendship can be seen in their social media accounts as well.

When Yuvraj Singh recovered from Cancer, he spent a very good amount of time in England as holiday and gave Stuart Broad on a special party. He uploaded their pictures on some restaurant in England.

When Yuvraj Singh retired, Stuart Broad wrote for him:-

When Stuart Broad took 500th wicket, yuvi wrote for him

They Both are legends, they both are greatest of all time. But there are two great lessons from this story:

I want you to comment those two.