Methods to Be Happy in Every Work You Do


The goal of our life is to keep ourselves happy. That is why we are living our life. But do our short-term happiness leads to a full, happy life?

The answer is no. We have to choose between happiness now and happiness then. We have to save happiness in our life.

But I can suggest a simple idea that is to find happiness in every act you do. Take your sorrows as your happiness. That is the simplest way to be happy in every situation.

Today, we will talk about how we can find happiness in every single work you do. Yes! Every single is what I said.

Work may or may not be of your interest, but you can always find happiness from it. If you enjoy your work, you do it more effectively. So, without wasting time, let’s start.

Methods to Be Happy in Every Work You Do

  1. Find Your End Goal: The work you are doing may or may not be of interest. If it is interesting for you, you will always enjoy doing, but the problem is when you do something you don’t like. In this case, you should try to find the answer to this question- ‘Why I am doing this?” At first, it may seem to you that it is useless, but I want you to think and analyze deeper. Once you have found the reason for your work, you will feel that what I am doing is not useless and will give you happiness. And believe me, you will start liking your work too. 

  2. Visualize Your Success: As I have said above, we want long-term happiness. We want our life to be set after a particular time. That’s why we are studying now, we want our children to be happy, that’s why we are working hard and saving money. But sometimes, doing these things, we feel boring and unhappy. We feel like we are just strictly living our life. In these conditions, I suggest you visualize your success.

    When you feel tired and unhappy in your life. Imagine that you have achieved the thing you have imagined in step I, feel that happiness. It will give you the motivation, and you will start doing the work, and once you started, you will find happiness using step 3.

  3.  See What Have You Done: I always suggest making a plan to get your end goal. You can divide the path of your target and make small stairs. Climb up them one by one to get to your target. (Better to make a checklist.) Every time a step nearer to your goal. 

    When you feel tired and unactive, look back at the stairs you have climbed up. Look and the height you have reached and look at the surface where you were at a time. This will give you happiness. Then ask yourself: ‘Do I want to throw this hard-work in vain if I don’t achieve the goal.’ This will give you motivation. 

    One thing I want to suggest you is to reward yourself every-time you climb a stair. Like you want to lose weight by 10 kg, and your stairs are of one kg, you can spend some money on yourself every time you lose a kg. (Don’t eat fast food at a party.)

  4. Take the Responsibility: When I was discussing step 1, I feel like I should discuss this too. If you do the work for yourself, you should feel that ‘yaar theek hai, kya hua jo mere pas car nhi hai,’ you drop your interest in the work. But think if your work is giving a smile to someone else. This feeling gives motivation, and when you complete the small tasks and see their faces smiling, then your face is also filled with a warm smile.

  5. Go with Your Strengths: Find out what the things you are

    Now think, you have the powers, which can do this; you are the person with powers. Isn’t this much enough to make you happy?

  6. Good at is? What are your strengths? Write them on paper. Work on them and execute them in your work. They will work, they will work. Do things you are good at first. Then work with your weaknesses and convert them into strengths. 

  7. You are learning: When you are doing the work you are not interested in, think that you are learning something new. You are learning to do a job you are not interested in. Take it as an experience. You are gaining experience of work in that particular field even you don’t like it.

    Every successful man has failed at least once in their life. But failure doesn’t let them down. The reason is they didn’t become stressed about taking it seriously, but they learned from it. The same thing applies here too. When you fail, don’t take it as a reason to be happy. But smile, you have one more experience.
  1. Be Absolute:  From being absolute, I mean, don’t compare yourself with anyone else but compare with yourself in the past. When you say I am good, I ask good relative to what? Or whom? I am better than Mukesh, that means I am good relative to Mukesh. That is the frame of reference. 

    In the fifth point, I told you to write your strengths. Every person has strengths that are different, so don’t compare yourself with anyone. By this element, you are eliminating your reason for unhappiness and taking a step towards happiness.

So, in this discussion, we have learned how to be happy in every work you do. These things can be applied to any work from cleaning your room via preparing for JEE to working hard to save money for your children. Think that you are watering to the plants, mainly you don’t want to do it but let’s find happiness.

Firstly, you find your end goal; that is that you want to water them. Second, you visualize your success. Think that all the plats are green, how beautiful will your garden look? You smile and start watering. There are twenty plants, and you have watered ten of them. Now you look back and see you have done a good job. You like it. Then your mom comes there, she sees that you have taken the responsibility to water the plants. She becomes happy, and you also smile that you helped her.

Then you realize that you can bring two gallons of water at a time. This makes your work halfway easy. You have never watered the plants before, but now, you have experience of this work. You become happy, and you water the last plant remaining. So you have found happiness in this task.