Song of Life

My life is like a play
 It’s not dark but gray 
I am waiting for a day
 When I’ll be able to say.

 I have feelings for you 
They are heartly true 
I want to live with you
 I want to die with you.

 My love is pretty strange 
It makes me very tense 
The fact that I can’t get you 
But my love can’t be changed.

Your beauty is like snow
 I love you I know you know
 You keep ignoring me tough 
But I am not going with flow.

 My love is above anything 
For my life it is like spring
 It is in the poems I do write 
It’s in the songs I like to sing.
 For you my eyes don’t blink
 Tears are what I like to drink
 I got excited for you when
 Whenever I find there’s a link.