The Poetry Society Orientation!


It was 1st August 2019, the orientation day of the poetry society. It has made a particular part in my mind as a funny but great memory. I wanted to join the society, but I forgot about it on the exact date. It had to start at 1.30. On my way to lunch, suddenly, inner-me sent me a message that I should attend the poetry society orientation. It reminded me but also misplaced the room. I looked at my watch. It showed 1.32. At the next moment, I found myself running towards room C.

When I reached Room C, I found my classmates there. It didn’t look like any orientation. I thought it was over. I asked Sneha, my classmate, if the Poetry Society Orientation was over. I was surprised and happy simultaneously. She offered me dry-fruits, but I was too fast to take that. ‘But wait, if it is not in Room A, then where is it?’ My inner-me asked I repeated to Sneha. She said it might be in the Seminar room.

I ran to the Seminar room. I was counting the steps so that I can avoid the thought that I am going to miss it. I reached the seminar room and found it closed. ‘Is poetry society orientation in a closed room?’ I was sure that I am disturbed again. I found another classmate there. I asked him about it. He said it should be in the room XD.

Room XD is not far from the seminar room. I could see that the orientation is going on there. I shied in a relaxed manner. I have found that I am not going to miss that. I lead myself towards room XD. I was about to enter, but I stood at the door. I looked at the presentation that was going on. It showed ‘The Economics Society.’ The girl who was talking stopped for a while. She gave me a welcome look. I pulled myself back. She gave me a who-is-this-stupid-guy look. But I was in a hurry to care.

‘Where is it, Mr. Shyam?’ I thought. I took a random person walking there.

“Can you please tell me where is the poetry society orientation?” disappointment was clearly heard in my voice.

The person wanted to say something else, but he showed a little mercy to me after listening to my voice.

“It is in Opposite AV.”

“Ok, thank you.”

I walked away, and suddenly inner-me asked me, ‘Do you know where is the Opposite AV?’ I stopped for a while. I don’t know. ‘Then, where the hell are you going?’

I stopped another random person and asked him about the Opposite AV room. The next moment, I was there. And I found it closed. I shied, but this time in disappointment. I looked at the watch: 1.43. I missed it. I was hugely sad and wanted to cry, man. But whenever I want to cry, I don’t cry. I listen to music for making my mood better. I plugged in the earphones and started doing that. I thought it is better to go home and have lunch. Let me tell you, when I am listening to music; I don’t do anything else.

I found that going through the corridor is the fastest root. I was going through it in my own way. I saw some people going into Room A. I don’t usually care about why things are going on. But I don’t know why I asked one of them if it is the poetry society orientation. And guess what did I get as the answer, I was ‘Yes.’ I went in immediately. You know what is the funniest thing in this story? Room A and Room C are nearby!

Suppose I was working as a scientist in the Royal Society of London. And I have invented something revolutionary. And I was offered the Nobel Prize. I would be happy but getting in the poetry society orientation made me happier than it.

I took the last seat. I found that the person sitting with me is the only person who can understand my native language Marwari in the entire college. I also found a fantastic friend who was sitting in front of me. I was given a card with a quote on it. It was great, along with my experience in the Poesoc.

See, If I had known the exact place, I might not have met these fantastic persons, and maybe I would be a different person than I am today. It is like the butterfly effect, but I am given the right initial conditions that made me what I am today.

After a long time, when I looked at this event, it also gave me a philosophy and a life lesson that helps me during my bad days. What exactly happened was I knew my target, but my fortune kept me moving in a circle (or elliptical path, as you say) around my mark because it was not the right time to get the target. And when the right time comes, it automatically leads me to the target to take the benefits of time.

I thought that as my inner-me, my fortune is also a friend that stays inside me. With my inner-me, she makes fun of me, throws serious jokes at my life, and makes me unhappy sometimes. But she is a good friend. She gives me unexpected gifts, makes my efforts worthy, makes me stand on higher marks of success.

When something terrible happens in my life, I take it as either my fortune has a better plan for me or she is joking with me. In both cases, I am going to get rewards later. So, I have to bear with it. I don’t be sad, and I get rewards after that.

Everything that happens in life has a meaning, a story, an inspiration; the only need is to look at it from a different perspective, from a different frame of reference. I look at it from my view, the frame of reference in which I am at rest, The Rest Frame.