When You Visit Me

Sitting on the bench under tree
In the green field, you with me
Sharing earphones and the song
We spend time there, hours long.

Talking and watching the sunset 
Shoulders make your head rest 
We take the dream of rest of life
How good is having you as wife.

Looking deep into your gray eyes
Lethem go where the love birds fly
Getting closer, then our lips met
We love and love until it’s too late.

We are in the full-of-cotton trolly 
Lying and seeing the sky endlessly
Smiling to see the limits of the sky
Sky can have limits but love can’t.

In the cold night of the summer
We talking about past and future
Sleeping under sky counting stars
Stars can have number but love can’t.

Lost in each other making love fair
Floating up because love is in the air.
I close eyes kissing you in a feeling
I open my eyes and find it is a dream.