Forgotten: The Packing Story!

Forgotten: The Packing Story!

 I have told you, I have a friend to play with me, that is my fortune. She, along with my inner me, makes fun of me. It is a two-step process. First, my fortune tells my inner me to skip a piece of information. Then she adjusts the series of events such that I regret skipping this information. But I also take her with my replies having intelligent alternatives.

Once, I had a plan to go to Jaipur. I like traveling alone but I mess with packing. I, almost every time, forget something that gives me a headache later. This time, I completed my packing and traveled 360kms from Rawatsar to Jaipur. After reaching there, I went to my room which I have already booked. I went there and left my plans for the next morning because now, I want to just sleep.

I wake up the next morning and according to my habits, I went into the bathroom. I came back and checked my bag. I forgot my toothbrush at home. I checked my bag again. I put the things in my bag inside out but found nothing. I was cursing myself. I thought I was a great traveler but I found myself dumb. I could imagine my fortune, seeing me with her mischievous eyes. Like, she was controlling her laughter. It made me heartburn.

After a moment, I realized what am I crying for? A toothbrush? I can buy it for ten rupees! I smiled at myself. I went to a nearby store but It was closed. I waited for half an hour for it to open. Then I bought a toothbrush and came back to my room. Now, I was laughing at my fortune. But she didn't have any emotion. She was sitting quietly. 

After taking bath, I went to Hawa mahal. In, the afternoon, I found my phone dead. I looked for a power bank in my bag but I found it missing. I forgot that at home also. Now, I thought my fortune will kill me by laughing at me but she was just quite making me amazed. But it was relaxing for me. 

With a lot of effort, I made it to my room without google maps. It was a bit relaxing for me. I searched for the charger but I found it missing too. It was like an earthquake for me. Holy, I forgot my mobile charger, can you believe it?

Now, I imagined my fortune, she was laughing at me ridiculously. I was holding my head to control the anger I was having. I remember the morning when I laughed at her on the basis of my little intelligence. But I was actually dumb without her. 

However, I consoled myself by saying that I have to write the vlog. I opened my laptop and found that I don't have internet because my phone is dead. I somehow, adjusted with the net. And after writing the post and just before posting it, my computer also went to sleep and as expected, I had forgotten the charger of my laptop too.

The next day, I was on my way back to home. My fortune proved who is the boss!