Waiting for Crush's Reply

Keeping hope in my heart
Having shine in my eyes
I put a 'Hi' in the message box
Before hitting the 'send' button
My mind thinks again and again
Collecting the courage to send
As I hit the 'Send' button
My heartbeat goes up and high.

This time, relativity plays a role
Times slows down as I wait for it
My eyes refuse to blink then
Every second seems to be a year
The horses of imagination flies
Thinking what she may be doing
Maybe she is with her parents 
Maybe she is with one she loves. 

Then comes the moment here
The status becomes 'online'
And the eyes start to twinkle
This was the one, I am waiting for!
At this moment the time slows
She is online but not replying.
My heart starts to stop pumping
Maybe she is chatting with someone.

The next minute, status is 'typing...'
My heart becomes an engine
Heartbeat touching to the prime
I can't wait for what will she write
Even I know it it will be just 'Hi'
I am like sitting in the singularity
Time has refused to go ahead now.

And finally, the moment has arrived 
The greatest scene is in my eyes
I can see the message she has sent 
And it is not other than just a 'Hi' 
But for me, it is getting the heaven 
I almost jump in the excitement
But 'online' status has disappeared
I type 'How are you?' in the box.

The process repeats from the start
I stare at the heart with her name
I have put while saving her contact
She replies just 'I am doing good.'
There is not any 'What about you?'
But I can't stop myself from writing
I write 'I am also doing good.'
Even I know she doesn't care for me.

I kill the time staring at the heart
The status changes to 'online'
But there was no 'typing...' there
She sees my message and ignores
She fears to open the chat 
She doesn't want ticks to turn blue
The online status disappeared again. 

I know she has ignored my messages 
But I am still waiting for the reply.
I know she knows that I love her
That's why she is ignoring me
To show that she doesn't love me.
But this made my mood happier
At least
She gave me attention 
not to give me attention!