One Year With The Rest Frame

 On this day, last year, I created the Blog. To be honest, I would like to tell you that I was searching for how to make a website on YouTube. And the first search result was about the blogger. I followed the steps of that video and I ended up creating a blog. At that time, I didn’t know much about blogs. I created that but I didn’t know what to post. 

My first post was a quote as I remember but I don’t know exactly what it was. After one week, I was in college and I didn’t get much time to write blog posts. But I can remember, my first few posts were like- ‘What would be the effect of Dhoni’s retirement?’, ‘Can Rohit Sharma be Indian Captain?’.

The first poem I posted was ‘How can it be true?’ 

In March 2020, I returned back home and I started looking at my blog. I posted a few poems that month. But April, being the National Poetry Writing Month proved a booster for my writing. In that month, I posted the maximum number of posts on the blog till now. 

In May, I changed the theme and made it look like a blog. I still posted my poems there that I don’t write too often so there were a lot of irregularities. Someday, I could post three or four posts but on the other side, I could spend two weeks without writing a single post.

In July, I made a solid plan for my blog. It was to write a poem and an article or a story every week. I decided that I would post a poem every Thursday and a story every Sunday. I added ease later that if I haven’t written any poem in that week, I can take a poem from any good poet. And I feel to say that I almost followed it till now.

In November, I decided to increase the range of the blog. I wanted to write stories of others too. And I wanted to start a series of episodes. Like, It is novel and I would release a small part of it every week. It didn’t happen because my exams were so close. But I am looking forward to it in January.

When I created this blog, it was ‘Looking at Myself’, then I changed it to ‘Exploring Myself’ and at last it was ‘The Rest Frame’ because Relativity has a great effect on me. 

I am now shifting it to a website. I am going to shift this from blogger to any other platform. It is going to be transferred from to