The AstroPhysics of Rajasthan


TaarTukkaRam and MaarMukkaRam was two great astrophysicist of ancient Rajasthan. TaarTukkaRam wrote in his book about how wide the universe is. But he didn't write how?

Maar mukka ram wrote in his book about the age of universe. But he didn't write how did he do that. 

After lot of efforts, people found their rough notebook. 

Taartukka ram used this method. IF we multiply the speed of light with age of universe, we can get how wide our universe is. And he used the age universe given by MaarMukkaRam.

Then they discovered the rough notebook of MaarMukka ram. He used the method that if we divide the radius of universe with the speed of light we can get the age of universe. And you can guess that he used the expenssion of universe given by mar mukka ram. 

Now scientists are searching who wrote first.

Fun Fect: TaarTukkaRam and MarMukkaRam are twin brothers!!

That why we Rajasthanis think that earth is the center of universe.