Way after a year: The Midsem Returns

 It has been over a year since I returned home from Delhi. I can remember that moment, the last day in college before the midterm break, It was a story, A story worth telling.  

The day started like any other normal day but this day wasn't that normal, this was the day I am to go home. I usually travel alone by bus from my college to home and vice-versa. But this time it was going to be different. I have planned to go by train, with my friends. I didn't pack my luggage in the morning. I was a late riser in Delhi. 

I went to college with the same boring routine but my heart was pumping and jumping inside because I knew the fact that I will be home overnight. 

There were only two classes that day. Classes went well, GE Maths: Linear Algebra and Optics by Dr. Chinkhanlun Guite. Oh yes, that reminds me that I have to complete the assignment by Dr. CKL. This task may seem simple but this is tremendous. He gave it at the beginning of the semester and said that we can make it by Mid-sem work but see the complexity, none in the class has done it now. 

I had my lunch in the cafe and I was thinking that by this time the next day, I would be having homemade food, how great was that feeling. Just after that, I decided to take a rest at the SCR lawns. I was wondering and searching for a story that I got a call from my friend that Our results are out. my friend Gui Kamei was with me. I was not nervous, to be honest, but I didn't want to check the results. My exams didn't go well. So I checked Gui's result first, then I checked mine. 

The first feeling I had seeing my result was calmness. I don't want to reveal my scores but I was feeling that I have saved myself. Gui was not telling me how did he felt but I was trying to extract information like any detective. 

On my way to OPLT, I got students asking me about my grades and telling me their. By their reactions, I could see the happiness on their faces. One thing I can remember that I didn't enter from the door in OPLT,  I took a shortcut from Gazebo to OPLT. I entered through a window and everyone was amazed to see e. They were like- 'Oh bc! ye kaun aa gya...'

I returned to NPLT and started making my assignment. At first sight, I had no clue about it but my friends started helping me out and it sorted out very quickly. Those moments very funny, I was telling them how beautiful is Rajasthan and How excited  I am. One person asked me- "Have I prisoned you?"

After Submitting the assignment, I went to the Annual Fest of North East Society. It started raining lightly and the fest delayed. I thought I can watch the match between South Africa Women and Australian women. It was the semifinal of the Women's T20i World Cup. I was supporting South Africa badly because one I was kinda a fan of opened Lee and Laura, two we can beat S. Africa easily in the final but can't beat Australia on their home ground. But by the consequences, the match was delayed by the rain. Both events witnessed rain one being in Australia, the other in India. 

To be honest, I didn't want the match to start. Australia would beat SA easily but it got spoiled by rain, SA will make it to the final and we will win the WC. But unfortunately,  After some time, the match started and I want to comment that either Duckworth Luis or God knows how the DL system works. The target was adjusted in a way that it became harder for SA to chase. But I had hoped. 

After some time the rain stopped in Delhi too and the fest began. I was watching the match and the fest simultaneously. The fest started with a giant bell tone. The teachers from North-East honored. Our CKL sir has also gifted a hat and I could see Physics people hooting at the backside. Dr. CKL showed some stunts with the hat also. He threw it in the air and then caught it. Such a beautiful act!

The culture of North Eastern people is very beautiful, and so is their clothing and dance. I was enjoying that. And when I  opened my phone to check the score and found that SA was ahead of winning it. I opened Hotstar immediately and found that Laura was batting. Suddenly the environment changed, I was enjoying it. Every time Laura drove, my heart starts dancing with on North-eastern beats. But then came a moment when Scutt bowled Laura and it changed again. African team collapsed and they lost. Now I was not happy. But I shifted my attention towards the fest. 

We didn't have seat that time. Well, most of the people were standing but I wanted to sit. Then I did something that none had thought. I told Gui to go upstairs. Gui, Jeptha, and I went to Room R(I don't remember exactly!) and watched the whole show through the window. As I told above the dance was very good. When Mizo people presented bamboo dance, Jeptha seemed very excited and he told me that it was from his place. Then a wild noise made everyone scared. It was from the Manipuri Boys who presented war dance. (Watch the video). My mood changed again and I danced tirelessly in open DJ.

I met my classmates and said goodbye because  I was going home. I left the college and reached my PG. I find none there, I called my friends, they said they are in the playground. I left my bag there and ran to the ground. The ground was in another mood, the clod breeze was chilling and the pitch was a little wet making a proper bounce. When I reached there, a match was going on and I had to wait. It didn't take five minutes to end that match.

In the next match, I opened the bowling attack for my side. The first ball, I bowled a Short pitch ball and Ramesh the batsman hit a huge six. It was a no-ball but it landed outside the ground in the patrol-pump crossing the high walls of the ground. It was the biggest six of my life. We went to bring the ball back and we were unable to find it. It was the last ball of our stock and we lost it. We had to stop the game and we came back to pg. 

I took a bath and packed my luggage. It didn't tool me long because I don't want to take the heavyweight with me. I didn't take my books and laptop. (It was a huge mistake if you understand.) I just took two sets of my sports clothing. One more mistake I made here that I didn't put my phone on charge. The third mistake I made was that I didn't visit ATM to have cash with me. The fourth mistake I made that I skipped dinner. The fifth mistake I did was that I didn't lock my room. Well, I did that intuitively so that my friends who are staying could access my books and laptop.  All I did was chatting with Riya and telling her about my day and results. 

When we decided to start our journey, It was raining. I felt hungry, I took fast food from the crossroad. One of my friends arranged an Auto and we reached at Station at about 8.30. We did the ticket and checkup thing and by 9 we are on the train. The train was to start at 11. I had two hours to just wait. Well, that was not difficult because I had my phone and friends. We ate, had fun and watching a movie. When the train started I was left with no battery and the train charger was not working. 

I spent my time on the train, somewhat sleep talking with my friends. And as always, my friends had a chatty fight on the train and we had to listen to some bad words from the passengers. 

We arrived at Sadulpur Jn at 4AM. It was raining lightly there. We had tea and breakfast there. All my friends took their respective buses from there, we remained three. My train to Nohar was at 6 and I had to wait two hours with no phone and friends. And I was short of cash.  I had to borrow from my friend for kiraya.

I slept to wait for the train. The train arrived at 5 And I slept inside the train. And the good news is there, the charger was working. 

My two remaining friends Sourav and Manish good byed me in half an hour and I was alone for the rest of the journey. 

I arrived at Nohar at about 9.30AM. Now It was about forty more minutes to home. I walked to the bus stand and took the bus for Rawatsar. It was raining heavily in Rawatsat when I arrived there. I had to wait for the rain to stop. It rained so heavily that the water reached my knees. Let me tell you there is no direct bus from Rawatsar to my village. My plan was to call my father to pick me from the bus station on my bike.   I took out my phone and found that my pack ended last night. I had to recharge if I want to call and I had no data to recharge. 

My cousin works in Rawatsar, I thought I can go there and tell him to drop me home. I dipped my legs in the water, I was in water now. I come out of the bus station and found that the roads were completely filled with water and I can't walk there. I went back to the station, this time against the water flow. This was a huge headache for me. I decided to take a taxi to my village. I never took a taxi in Rawatsar. But it was the only option available there. 

I asked the taxi driver to leave me to my village. Let me tell you generally it costs 10 Rupees from Rawatsar to my village. I was back home from Delhi just now and I was speaking Hindi so the text-driver thought I am a tourist and he demanded 300. I didn't understand this point at that time but I argued with him. Still speaking Hindi, because he was answering in Hindi. He refused to start it in less than 150. I wanted to be at home as soon as possible. I checked the cash, I had only 70 rupees. An image crossed my head that I just ate Samosas and tea worth 50. I could have saved that. 

But I said okay to the driver. I sat in the car and we started the journey. He took a long way and I could guess that he never drove to my village. I told him the correct path. And this time I spoke Rajasthani. He understood that I am not from far. He asked me- 'Are you local?". I answered -' Then why do you think I am going to a village?' We talked till we reach there. He dropped me just outside my home where my local auto-drivers drop at panchyatghar. He said only 50 rupees are enough but I said him to keep all eighty. 

That's how the midsem made me go through an amazing experience. After one week, when the break was about to end, the corona happened we locked down in our homes. I didn't have enough clothes to wear. During the break a lot of interesting events happened in my life. The sanddune, 'hamara dhora' the evolution of Hamara Dhora. I wrote a poem called The Last Leaf. Then the hailstorm with heavy rain and crops were nearly destroyed. Then a random confess account posted about me and everyone was teasing me. I had to work out in the farms because there were no classes and no books. Online classes started later. 

It was last year's mid sem break. Last semester, we didn't have a mid sem break. This year's mid sem break is so boring. It occurred suddenly and It will end also. No plans, no excitement. no packing. Nothing has changed for me. I was not taking the online classes for a few days. It is more or less the same for me. I am not using social media to these days and I am feeling no special about mid sem. 

mood = sin(theta)