Don't Make Excuse of Pandemic, Use the Pendamic

 Few days ago I was in the Online Farewell to our seniors and Teachers were giving advice to the students under-graduating. Most of them were common things but one professor said something that stuck in my head. Dr. Chinkhanlun Guite said: 

Don't make excuse of the situation, use the situation for your success.

And that was the wisest thing I have ever heard. Some days ago I was playing a game in my mobile. This is called 'Real Cricket'. I had set a game against Australia. I lost the toss and they decided to bat first. I had to ball first. I bowled first but I failed to keep them under 300. So I had a huge target to chase. 

When I started to bat, I thought my plan would be bat explosively in power-play. Hit the ball above the inner circle and that would be a boundary. I had some explosive batter like Rohit Sharma and Virat Kohli and I was set to rock from the first over. I started batting and I lost my main batters in first two overs and I was left with nothing but middle order batters. 

Bowling was too good and I wasn't able to hit good shots. At first it had furious swing and I was getting beaten for every drive. When tried to hit over covers, I mistimed and caught in the circle. Even after the swing period was over... The pitch felt sticky and I was not able to time it nicely. I thought I can't attack this good attack of bowling.

I was very frustrated, because every time I go for a shot,  I loose a wicket. After losing five wickets, I thought it was over and I can't win this game without those explosions. But then I thought, I can't quit.. I have to play and end this game. I made a new plan.  

I changed my plan from attacking to defending. I thought... first of all, I need to respect the swing. If I try to drive every full ball, I may get edge. So I waited the power-play to be over and I didn't score a single run in those overs. After that when field was open.. my plan was not to go for big shots and try to take singles and doubles. If I get five singles in an over, then It was not so bad. 

I did this patiently, and because I was in pure defensive mode, they didn't get any wicket and it was like a wicket drought for them. I knew that after that they will lose patience, and then I can attack. All I had to do was to keep patience and wait for them to loose patience. 

And they did it... They lost patience after about twenty overs and they gave ball to their part timers.. It was my time to accelerate and I did it well. I hit some bang shots and took my run rate from six to ten and now I know I can achieve the target. But they kept doing silly things and I won leaving ten overs behind. 

This particular match gave me a lot of lessons and a set of inspirations. I learned two things from this. 

1. You need to believe yourself. There is nothing you can't do. Even you have wasted a lot of time and resources but don't think about that, think about the time you have left and try to reach the success in that given time. This is the only way you can achieve success.

2. Don't cry that you don't have enough resources to win. This is  a false excuse to win. You can always focus on what you have and make a wise use of available resources to make it happen. 

SO the main lesson is you can't make excuse about your resources because there is always a better way to use your available resources to get success. I had lost my top batters in first five overs. I had lost all my resources but I used my left batter in such a way that we won. 

In the test series between Indian and Australia. India had lost all its main players because of injury and various reasons. Virat had left the squad and there were only inexperienced players like Shardul Thakur and Washington Sundar. They had nothing that they can defeat mighty Australians. But they did because they didn't lost confidence. They didn't make an excuse that they didn't have Virat Kohli, Bumrah or Ashwin. But they used their remaining players in such a way that they won. 

Most of us are making excuse about the pandemic that there are no offline classes and Internet is slow and all other things. Even my teachers make excuses like I don't know how to teach in an online class but there is a thing, they can learn how to teach in an online class and this is an opportunity. I also make excuse about internet that I don't have good internet so I can't stud!!y properly. But the thing is I can always download a book and read it page by page and hence I can learn, but I am not doing that, I am just making excuse and doing nothing. 

So the lesson is - 

"If we fail it is entirely our fault. If we fail, there is only one reason that we were not dedicated enough. There is no excuse, there is only cheating that makes us fail. So stop blaming your resourced and start working. 

Jai Hind!!