First Feeling as Stephanian!


One of my happiest days.

My interview was just fine.... First I took admission at Hindu College. Papa insisted me to stay in Hindu because I have got may friends from my school there and some students of Hindu College misguided him about Stephen's. And after all the fees concern. But said I just want to give interview. I wanted to come alone for my interview but he came along saying you know nothing.

I didn't see him in the span of going to Room R for aptitude test to the interview. On that day I could see all students with me intense but I was happy and excited instead. Buy my interview was just fine... Some of the answers were just 'I don't know'. After the interview, I was not confident enough that I would make it. I told my father that it was good. I know that I am not good at expressing my feelings but he read me and said we will go for Hindu... Then a lady walked to me, tapped my shoulder and said 'You will make it.' I never met her again but I always remember her.

I can remember the environment was very sad there... Some close relative passed away and when I searched my name was in the list. ... And I was the only person there .Jumping in happiness. My father was not home, He returned at noon and I informed him. He asked me once if I wanted to be in Hindu or Stephen's. It was simple for me but it was tough for him because fees is literally double. But he made my choice final. At this moment I don't regret this.

We arrived Delhi at 5 Am and At 6 I was in front of Hindu College.. alone.. I could remember the long line at the admission time.
That was the day met Amit and Vaibhav waiting in Hindu... Amit was my first friend in my class. Then we waited and after we got our mark sheets. We entered Stephen's.

I told my father to wait outside as I complete the process.. they demanded me call letter for my interview and hell I didn't have that, for a moment I thought that I lost this opportunity because I forgot it home but the person said it's okay.

I come outside and my father asked me Do you where is the canteen. I said no
He: "You don't know the college you are studying in. But I know come with me."

That day India lost Semifinal against  New Zealand.