A Note For Samson

 Samson is my senior at The Poetry Society. He is graduating this year and I have to prepare a good bye message for him, and this is what I wrote for him. 

A Note for Samson:

Samson, I want to ask what will happen after you leave us.... You think you will leave us.. but you are going to stay with us through your poems, through your memories.

Last year there was a poetry discussion in cafe, I can remember.. we were served sandwiches.. in that discussion.. a first year Student recited a poem and the members there immediately recognised that this was written by someone who was there in the poetry society.. at that moment I realised that we are achieving a kind of immortality by sharing these poems... You will be remembered by your successors when you leave.

Samson... You are the one I will miss the most in the poetry society. Many things I have done as a council member this year.. I have reached you for help and you have never disappointed me.

Samson... I like your poems a lot and I often go to your WordPress blog and read your poems... I and fan of the way your emotions flows in your poetry. And I love the way you recite your poems. 'Peace' it was like really peace.

चले गए तुम हमें अकेला छोड़कर
लेकिन याद तुम्हारी आज भी दिल में है
दिल में है तुम्हारा नाम मगर
तुम्हारा ज़िक्र महफ़िल में है।
महफ़िल में है तुम्हारी कविताएं
तुम्हारी ग़ज़ल का है ईर्षाद
तुम्हारी ‌शक़्ल है तुम्हारे अफसाने में,
अफसाने में है तुम्हारी याद।
तुम्हारी याद में हम गाते हैं गीत
इन गीतों में है एक वखरी रीत,
अबतक हम साथ थे अब तुम्हे है चलना
चलकर किसी नए सफ़र पर निकलना
एक सफ़र का अंत अगले ‌की शुरुआत,
शुरुआत से ही किस्मत का साथ
तुम्हे हर जगह मिले,
जहां जहां तुम जाओ सफलता तुम्हे वहां मिले।