I Am A Physics Student

I am a Physics Student
I can take you to Mars.
I can tell the age of universe
Just by gazing the stars.

It may seem magic 
But it is actually science 
If you look through my eyes
Everything will look nice.
Nothing will look harsh!

See the light, seven colors
Reflection, Refraction interference 
Or see the internet, radio waves
They are same there's no difference.
What's the reason of twinkling stars!
Look at Schrodinger's cat 
Dead and alive at the same time
You can't find until you open the box
It's funny coz it is orthoidox.
Look at the atoms or look quarks!

Atoms in random motion
Colliding going nowhere
Volume, temperature, pressure
So many variables they share
Possibilities of chain reaction
Probabilities of throwing a dart!

Strings for attraction
Strings for repulsion
Strings for everything
Here only strings have meaning
Strings are the way to start!