Love is for Strangers

I don't want to learn Spanish
When I listen to Spanish songs
I wonder How good the music is!
I don't know what they mean
But I am in love with them!

Sometimes I stare at the equations
As a small child who is weak at maths
And I wonder how great the Greek letters look 
Like a drawing triangle upside down with an arrow on top
I need not bother about their meanings
I am in love with this subject
Besides, I have written them one minute ago!

Sometimes, I imagine myself as an ancestor
Woken from the sleep of years and wondering 
How far science has progressed 
People communicating with little devices
Electric powered machines, 
And you need not do anything 
I am in love with this age 
Even I don't know how to use a phone!

Sometimes, I imagine myself as an alien
Just arrived on this planet
I stand on a height 
Trying to see beyond my eyesight
Blue sky and green fields
And farmers working in the hard 
I am in love with earth 
Even I don't know what to do!

But let me be honest here
Yes Spanish songs do sound nice
But mathematics is freaking hard
Hard to understand what a wavefunction means
Radiations are spreading killing the birds and nature
Machines are causing global warming 
And people on earth are greedy 
Farmers get nothing of all this hard work!!

But I need to love all of this
So need to change the rest frame 
Looking from the rest frame of a stranger
This world looks loveable 
And I am in love with this world 
Ignoring the reasons why I should not!