Get Up, You Beast

Get up you sleeping beast
Go, look at the mirror at least.

I know you are heartbroken
I know your faith is faded
But you have got the potential 
To change what has been decided.
Wipe your eyes, clench your feast
It's time to change your fate
Get up a heartbroken beast. 

Who does shall be remembered
Who thinks shall be forgotten
None asks who the hell you are
What matters is what've you done.
That's the thing always persist 
Get up and act you lazy beast
Look who is with you
He is with you Jesus Christ
Get up you flying beast.

See, the sun is shining bright
The sun is brighter than light
This situation is very tight
Get up, you have to fight. 
The loneliness is dangerous 
Don't put your life at a risk.
Get up you sleeping beast.