Superheroes Are Powered by Worldly Emotions

What is common in all superheroes movies? A simple person, who doesn't know what is the purpose of his existence, who is tortured and humiliated by his/her friends and suddenly he gets superpowers and everything is changed. In some cases, they need to go through super hard training. They hide their identities from the world (Ironman is an exception), and they live a simple Gangadhar life acting to be dumb so that none will suspect him to be Shaktiman. These things can be seen in any superhero movie. But there is something else, something more important. 

There is a moment in all superhero movies when the star is fallen, he feels hopeless and thinks that he has lost the battle. In some scenes, he falls dead accepting the defeat. But right then a line from his inspiration, or a family member or even his enemy comes to his brain. A scene is created when he is either meeting his inspiration or a piece of memory from his childhood. then suddenly he opens his eyes, picks himself up, and be ready for the fight, and this time he fights unexpectedly well and this time he wins the fight without. This can be seen in all superhero movies from Harry Potter to Batman, firm Chandani Chauk to China to Endgame. 

In every such movie, there is an emotion attached to the superhero, an iconic line that is repeated in the final battle. I will try to go through some of the iconic finishes of the best superheroes movies in the world, including Marvel Cinematic Universe to our favorite Bollywood. 

The Dark Knight

This was the first Batman movie and after that, we know Batman is one of our all-time favorite characters. So the iconic line of this movie is 'Why do we fall, Master Wayne? So that we can learn to pick ourselves up.' This line was there when we thought Batman is failed when his house is blown up and uncle Alfred saves him takes him underground. Bruce thinks he failed to save his city Gotham but Alfred says the iconic line here.  Also when he was poisoned, or he was bitten by the dogs, in every scene, the line was there. So all I can remember from this movie for a long time is:
Why do we fall, Master Wayne? So that we can learn to pick ourselves up!

The earthly emotion here is regret or learning from the mistakes. We all fail sometime in our life and that makes us feel bad. When I scored badly in a Test that made me think that I am not doing good preparation but then I told myself and I need to pick myself up. We all experience this feeling and the thing is superheroes also experience the same thing. 

The other thing in this movie is that Bruce spends a long time with the criminals, in different areas of the world and also in jail. So he wanted to know how criminals think, what is this thing that forces them to chose the path of crime and I know he finds that out. Then he joins an academy that trained him to clear all the criminals. At a moment, he was assigned a task to punish murder by killing him but he couldn't do that because he thought that he should be forgiven. 

In the final battle when Ra's-al-Ghul wanted to destroy Gowtham because it was full of criminals, Batman resisted and fought. Here we can see that Ra's-al-Ghul represents the punishment or so-called justice and Batman her represents the worldly emotion of forgiveness. And as we see the Forgiveness always wins against punishment or justice. 

By the way, there is another iconic line in this trilogy that is so famous. You either die a hero or live long enough to see yourself become a villain. 

Wonder Woman 

Wonder Woman is a beautiful story of an Amazon, trying to end the war. Diana lived her life on an island completely cut off from the world, she hadn't spent a day with humans till Steve Treater takes her to London. When she goes to London she sees how humans live, how they interact, and how do they behave for the first time. And here she encounters worldly emotions for the first time. This was a short span of time but she learns that. 

In the final Battle between Ares the God of War and Wonder Woman. Ares said that the humans are weak, they are filled with hate for each other. They are always going to fight and end their lives. (That is true, I believe. They are cheap in behavior, they don't deserve protection from Wonder Woman. And here comes the iconic line of the movie:
It's not about what they deserve, it's about what you believe and I believe in love.  

 One tiny thing here is that Dr. Maru developed a poisonous gas, and Steve ended his life to save the world from it. In the final battle when Diana faces Dr. Maru, she wanted to kill her because she took her love away. But she didn't, she didn't choose hate, she didn't choose war, she chose Love. Here Wonder Woman is representative of Love where Ares represents War and as always. Love is always better than hate and war.

Green Lantern

You might not know Green Lantern, he is also a superhero, not much famous as Batman or Wonder Woman but yeah he is a superhero. He can create anything he can imagine, with real effects. (What if you imagine a Blackhole and you get sucked into it. That's why he is not so famous.)

He gets a ring and a lantern, the ring is charged by the lantern and the lantern is charged by some power source that gets its energy by emotional hope. So the lanterns are powered by Hope. But an evil soul powered by fear was their enemy. This big cloud-like thing eats every soul who is afraid, and with every prey, it gets stronger and stronger. 

But our hero thinks that he doesn't deserve the power of the lantern because he is not someone who has no fear, he is actually afraid by getting these powers. But now his girlfriends come there and says the iconic line of the movie-

Its not that you are not afraid, but you fight your fear. There is a word for that courage. The ring didn't choose you because you are not afraid, the ring chose you because you have got the ability to overcome fear, because you are courageous. 

That's like Nelson Mandela's famous quote: Brave is not the one who is not afraid, brave is one who overcomes fear. So in the end, there is a fight between the soul of fear and the lantern of hope. An as expected The lantern wins, he burns the evil by using the gravitational pull of the sun. He used the fact that the evil soul is heavy so it has to face the stronger attraction force. It was the worst Superhero movie,  I have ever watched. 

Captain Marvel

Captain Marvel is one of my favorite superheroes. Oh My God! She is literally hot! But This article summarizes as I write about the movie, Captain Marvel. She has got superpowers but she didn't know it. All over the movie, it is told to her not to let her emotions control her, not to live in the past. Humans are like that we let our emotions control our actions. But she didn't know that she is a human. 

When she found out that she is a human she also gets to know her powers but she didn't know to control her. But she decided to fight against her own forces to save some innocent aliens. And when she got caught she faces Mar-vell. In this scene, Mar-vell tells her that she was only a human, weak, who let their emotions control their deeds, who look back to the past to regret and cry, humans can't leave the past behind and move on (Well, that's true!). But she argues with him saying he took her identity, separated her from her family, her love. And Mar-vell tries to convince her that humanly emotions only make her weaker. 

At this moment, she is lied down, struggling to get up but she remembers something from her past. When she fell down from cycling, from her training as a pilot in any situation she didn't give up, she stand up again and fight and now also she won't give up, she will fight. And the iconic line of this movie is so simple:
I am only a human!
Then she stands and fights with the star force and wins the battle. She proves that yes, we humans are driven by our emotions, we are attached to our past but that doesn't make us weak, that makes us strong always strong. I am waiting wholeheartedly for the next Captain Marvel movie.

Well, the list is so long that it would take a week to write and I don't have that time. All superhero movies have some lesson. In the movie Man of Steel, Superman's people wanted to establish their population on earth and he had to finger his own people. He suspected that Kryptonians won't offer to share the planet but they will take it away killing all the humans, but if they did will humans be good with sharing their planet? Let's leave this for a moment, will humans let him live after they find out that he is not from earth. 

He goes to a priest for consulting his situation, he asked if he should go and talk to his people about it. After all, he was also a Kryptonian and he would have loved to let his people live again. He asks the priest, Can humans be trusted and the priest give the wise advice- You have to take a leap of faith first, the question of belief comes after that.  The General Zod of Krypton was not a human, so he didn't have emotions like humans, he always wanted to wipe humans and create Krypton again. But Superman lived on earth, he liked humanity. He fought for humans. Between his own people and humans, he chose humans. 

Take Captain America, who was in love with Agent Carter after 70 years, or take Tony Stark, he didn't want to do anything heroic again but he sacrificed his life. All the superheroes may be so much more powerful than us, they have the responsibilities to save the world or whatever but deep inside their hearts, they are humans just like us. If they didn't have the emotions like humans, they won't be superheroes anymore. they would be devils.

Well, this post was just to show off how many Hollywood movies have I watched, I have seen most of the movies DC, MCU, Transformers. If you liked this post, please check out my other posts. I make a post every Thursday, please visit my website on Fridays. Do follow me on my social media platforms, just hit the buttons below. If you have got something related, you can tell me in the comment section.