A Planet with no Borders

A world with no borders

I come from a place

A planet with no borders

No dictators, No government

Still, everything is in order.

There is no cast, no religion

There are not any race

No discrimination on creatures

No difference on any basis.

We are all the same

We are called gender blind

Girls are ahead of boys

But boys are not behind.

I come from a planet

There aren't any crimes

Where judiciary is a formality

All assets are public

The public is an asset

Service is mandatory 

No money, no questions!

No import, no export

No empire no wars

Love is in place of hate

Hate is not among stars.

In this world, if we compare

That world is fascinating

Nuclear power is for electricity

No atom bombs for threatening.

On our planet,

All creatures are the same

When we introduce ourselves

We use the planet's name as a surname.

There all things are even

There aren't any odds

But one thing is strange,

Humans are our Gods.