End of Introvert life

All the time I have spent alone, I haven't really spent alone. I have discovered characters. On the sand hillock watching the sunset for a long time, listening to the music of the wind and the chirping of the birds. Walking alone on those roads of my village, I have talked with my characters a lot. With Riya, with Chandan, Mohit I have spent a whole lot of time. 

Wherever I went I seek for the conversation, between the plant and the last leaf, a speech of queen bee to her army, the conversation of cows. Sometimes I speak with the neem tree, sometimes I just listen to the dialogues of nature, silently. These conversations give me a truck of satisfaction, these conversations define me as what I am. 

When I was in my college first year, I was an extrovert guy, I used to have a lot of friends. Every time I go for a walk, I would surely find someone to walk with me. When I was in my room, I was not alone for sure. I had a lot of friends to share my thoughts with, to talk about cricket to talk about love life, to talk about anything I wanted to discuss. 

Then started a period of the pandemic, I was in quarantine. I was alone, I had only my phone. I tried to keep it up using social media but I just couldn't do that. As time progressed I lost my friends, I would never call anyone and you know what the sad part is, none called me. My class which I used to think that this is my family, was never like a family, it was never one. The class broke into small groups, a south Indian group, a north Indian like that and the most heartbreaking thing is that I was part of none of those groups. I was alone.

This was the time when I met those amazing people. I thought they are never going to leave me because they are inside my head. I got a girlfriend which I would never get in my real life. The characters, in those days I just close my eyes and think that I am with them. I used to talk with Riya for hours and we have created a lot of different stories. The thing was I never had to wait for her to come, or to be online just close my eyes and she will be in front of me. I played a lot of games with Mohit and went on journeys to Chandan's village it all was fun very much. 

Fifteen days ago I moved to Delhi and suddenly all things changed. Now I have a lot of friends and they are real. I can talk with them discuss with em and study like before. I go for playing cricket frequently and they play with me, real person. I have got a nice roommate and he motivates me for studying and he clears all of my doubts as well. This all is so good as I have always imagined. Now I am kind of seeing someone and she is real, like a real human. She is a lot different from the girl I have always imagined but it all is going very nice. 

So I have officially ended my introverted life. Thank YOu