Daydream #1

It was a sunny winter day in Delhi, which is considered the best time of the year. We were walking out from the Quantum Mechanics class, the flow of students which was stronger at the exit of NPLT, became less strong till we reach Science Dhaba, as the students were diverted by their different tasks. 

I was wearing light blue jeans, a white shirt and had put on a blue jacket. And just after the class one of my classmates caught me up with an exclusive argument about quantum mechanics. We were talking about different technical terms and walked near the basketball court until we reach the road, where we were meant to go in different directions. I wanted to go to the library to renew a book, so I was holding it in my hand and explaining to my friend how Quantum Mechanics change when we migrate from one-dimensional potential to three-dimensional potential. I was using my other hand in making a 3-D model explain gaussian and errors in the momentum wave function 

"Yeah but I don't think the Schrodinger's Equation will work in the relativistic case, even if it could work it must have a different form. Because the energy-momentum relation, in reality, won't simply we p square by 2m. There must have some change." I was puking out the knowledge of my mind when she passed through me. 

She was not taller than me. I looked at her as she passed by me. She was wearing green Kurti with white Salwar. Her hairs were tied neatly behind her head. I could easily notice the ring-shaped earrings  She had earphones in her ears and her phone in one hand. And she was mimicking the song, I couldn't listen to the song but I could do lip-reading. It looked familiar. As she passed through me I said to my friend-

"Damn, she is listening Babbu Maan, I like this girl!"

"Focus on Quantum Mechanics bro!" He gave me a nice piece of advice but I was in no mood to listen. I went quickly to her and said-

"Excuse me!"

She paused to for a minute, put the earphones out from her ear, and nodded. She was looking at me.

"Hello, my name is Shyam. Are you from Punjab?"

"Yes, I am from Punjab."

"Where in Punjab exactly?


"From the city?"

"Yes. Are you also from Punjab?"

"No no no, I am from Rajasthan. My mother is from Punjab. Fazilka actually it's nearby!"

"I have never seen a girl wearing this outfit throughout my years in college, so I was pretty sure that you come from the land of five rivers."

"Yeah, actually I have some of these too with me. I don't just wear it all the time but sometimes I do. It's nice to be in touch in the classic, you know."

And this conversation went on for a while. So friends this is How my love story started. I could see my friend watching us from a distance he was in complete shock. Later when he told the story in the group, he was hardly able to control his laughter. 

I am sick for the last week, I have had a fever. I