I wanted to talk to you

We say goodbye to each other
By staring at each other
In complete silence.
No words spoken
No oscillations of pressure
Just our eyes conveying the message.

It wasn't any different than our other meetings
We never talked to each other
I couldn't gather the courage to initiate
And I don't know about her side.
But all the conversations we had
Were started by her.

There was a lot I wanted to say her
I wanted to say her thank you
For making me stay in library
Everyday till seven hence I aced.
For letting me know
How does it feels to fall in love.
For introducing me to
A new kind of sufiana ecstasy.

Few times that day
She couraged to sit beside me
Wanting me to initiate a conversation
And I failed yet again.
She is braver than me I feel.

I am kinda two faced
I want to see her again
I wish to encounter her again
And she does encounter me
I fail to talk to her again.

I wish I had said her a proper good bye
I wish I had sing her a Sufi song.
I wish I had asked her one of the questions.
I wish she reads this poem
And she get to know that it was not one sided
It just didn't come out.

She liked the poem of stories
And this story of mine and hers
Was the one that ended before starting.