Bargaining In The Prayers!

I would meet her in the library
Where the silence is mandatory
We don't create a wave of pressure
We just stare at each other.

She is as white as snow of Kashmir
How do I compare, I haven't met Heer
Her eyes are as deep as an ocean
No wonder she is beautiful, she is from heaven.
I didn't know her name, nor her course
The way she looks at me with strong force.

I didn't have the courage to walk to her
When she came to me, I couldn't talk to her
She initiated the conversations a few times
But I couldn't convey my feelings any time.

The clock was on the counter ticking its way
Limited time, one lesser day remained each day
And the last day came and passed in a hurry
I couldn't talk to her that is the biggest worry.

I good byed her by the stares 
Now I am bargaining in the prayers.

Give me one day
I want to whisper to her, 'I love you'
I know I can't get her, I don't want to.

Okay give me one hour
I just want to talk to her
I just want to listen to her soothing voice
Which can enlighten me in all this noise.

Please just give me a minute 
Just want to get a glimpse of her
I just want to look at her beautiful face
Which I could remember every morning.

Give me a moment
I just want to feel her presence
That will give meaning to my existence.

I know I can't get even a moment
And I have to deal with this sentiment

Falling in love is more beautiful than being in love
And I just want to fall in her love for ever
I don't want to meet her, talk to her, or even look at her.
Forgetting her is really tough for me
The fading memory of her face is enough for me 
To live for an eternity
Love is beyond infinity
I know how does it feel
People have devoted life in the love of imaginary God
At least mine is real.