Dreams of the Depressed!

Black Curtains
Wet black curtains
Thick liquid dribbling out!

It's hot, and my skin is burning.
The fan. Yes! Yes!
It's fading. No! No!
It disappears in the air.

I step on something
A lizard.
It's dead!
The lower half of it is crushed.
The upper half is looking up
Like it's doing a sun salutation.
And its mouth is still open.

There is something under the bed
As I approach, the bed starts to fade
I kneel beside the heap
It's ash.
Wet ash, dark black. 
It smells like sweat.

Something broke
It's a toy!
It's the drum-boy
The drum is separated from it.
And sticks are still in his hand.
But where is its head?
I search for the head. 

It's there under the table. 
The table starts to fade.
The head is broken
And the smile is gone.
The eyes fell out!

My skin is burning again!
I am trusty 
I need water!!
Everything starts to fade!
Everywhere is gloomy white. 
Everything fades into gloomy white. 
It's gone! I am done!

I am feeling sick, I have a cold and fever. I can see the time flying away from my hand but I can't do anything else except witness it. It is a dream you generally have in fever, but it has stuck in my mind. It has been written very carefully and I can really relate to it. It's way deeper than it seems, and I can't express the feeling in words. That's precisely why poetry is invented, isn't it?

Life in IIT Update: The week started with another quiz, it went very good, first because I had actually prepared for it and second because it was Linear Algebra and I have a strong command of LA since I took that course by Prof Prashanto. Then we had Ganesh Chaturthi Holiday, I did nothing but lied down on my bed. I was doing an EM Lab experiment called equipotential surface and I want to say Lab sucks. Suddenly, I am not good in the lab anymore. I don't know why. Is my love for the subject is fading?

Song of the week: Gal Baat by Diljit Dosanjh is Just another Jatt exaggeration song. But there is something special about it, and it is Diljit Dosanjh. His voice is amazing. The is so charming and energetic and he could even make a scarecrow dance. When I listened to this song, I thought the music has been stolen from the song Gulabi Pagg. But later found out that the music of that song is also given by the same musician, and it is from the same album and both the songs were released the same day. 

Movie of the week: I Watched Sardaarji and Sardaar Ji 2, in quick succession. Typical mediocre Punjabi films. Diljit's character is always a very funny, innocent, illiterate villager who has never even looked at any girl. He travels to foreign countries and comes across a girl who falls in love with him in the most illogical way possible. Overacting and unnecessary drama can be noticed very easily in the movie. 

Sardarji 2, however, is a fantastic movie. It has illogical drama but I really liked how the events fall out in the movie. I really liked the soft-hearted characters. I also enjoyed the way he treated the girls. He was giving no bhav to Soman Bajwa. The mere presence of Soman Bajwa in the movie made me jump out of my seat. Not only she is really beautiful but she is also a great actress and this is a deadly combination because most beauties in Bollywood are not good at acting. I can confirm that Sonam Bajwa is the sexiest piece ever seen in Punjabi movies. 

Book of the Week: Kane and Able, is turned out to be a masterpiece. The story is so good that it keeps me engaged with the book. As I am ill this weekend I am doing nothing, I have nearly finished the book over the weekend. The thing to learn in this book is character development. Both the characters are developed very thoroughly and they have a good reason for every trait of their personalities. I loved this book. 

I would have liked to go to Kerala for Onam. I actually made a plan but canceled later as I have an exam on the 10th. I may go for Christmas.