Walking Souls 

Undiscovered, not travelled roads
Looking as strange as one could be
And beautiful
As they should be!
Souls wandering on them
As they are familiar

They are just walking
Staring at their palms 
They are just walking!

They know their destination
They know their paths
But they are not aware of the journey!
They are alive
But they are not living.
Respiration is active
But they are not breathing!
They are just walking
Heads down 
They are just walking.

They didn't notice
The sky has turned grey
Nor did they notice
The rock coming their way.
They don't care 
What the nightingale is singing
And they don't vibrate
Even the breeze is chilling!
They are just walking
Heads down 
They are just walking!

They don't wave or nod
At people from other way 
They don't exchange smiles, 
They don't ask their goodwill
They don't stop and talk
All they do is walk
Staring at their phones
They keep walking. 

They don't see the 
The traffic light turning red
Stray animals wandering 
The indicator of the coming vehicle
Or the little child
Crossing the road alone
Their eyes are pinned on their palms
And they are walking
Heads down they are walking.

They don't hear
The irritating honks 
The whistle of the traffic police 
The cries of someone in pain
Their ears are not vacant 
They are busy with Spotify
And they are walking
Looking at their palms
They are walking 

They don't sing 
The song of the passengers
They don't wipe their faces
Sitting under a tree.
They don't count their heads,
They don't measure
The water level of their bottles.
They don't celebrate
At the milestones.
They just keep walking
Heads down
They just keep walking.

They don't stop
To feed the hungry bitches,
Or to pick up the pomegranates
Or to collect the red roses
For the beloved one
They are going to meet.
They just keep walking
Heads down 
They just keep walking!

They are not aware
Of their bleeding feet,
They don't bandage
Their bloody wounds.
They don't burn
The corpse of their teammates.
They just keep walking
Hypnotized by the virtual reality
In their hands
They just keep walking.

They have forgotten
The taste of the loaf,
The color of water
And the fragrance of food.
They have lost 
The sense of touch
Ability to hear
And their vision.
Still they are alive
They are walking
Heads down
They are walking.

On too much intervention of 'smartphones' in our lives. Read this article by Andrew Sullivan: