No Complaints 2



How many birthday wishes did you get?
But I finished a book
Watched a movie
I actually had fun.
Does it make sense?
But I like to live alone.
I have no complaints.

Why don't you hang out with friends?
I don't have any.
My classmates?
I don't even know their names
But they study with you.
You are the same.
Yeah but they don't like me
I don't like them. 
I am happy alone
I don't need any friends.
I like my life 
I have no complaints.

You have got issues
Everyone has
Why do couples sit beside me
They don't have any other place?
You think I am jealous
No that's not the case 
But I am embarrassed
I have to hide my face.

Why do people argue where I am reading
Can't they find another place?
Lawns, gazebo, cafe
Moon Mars Jupiter
Or any corner of space?
They don't
It's okay
I will put earphones in my defence
I like my life
I have no complaints.