My struggle with sleep was on peak
When Santa sneaked into my window
He turned around ignoring my open eyes
And checked for a chit under my pillow.

Disappointed he faced my sad face
"Tell me, what do you wish, little boy?
Cycle, little aeroplane, horse, camel
Remote-controlled car or any other toy?"

His eyes twinkled to me with sneer 
That swayed a smile on my sad face
"Can you give me anything I want?
Warn you, It's not a toy in my case."

"As long as it is materialistic, and fits 
I can let you have anything, my dear
But try to keep it a little less expensive
You know I am short of funds this year."

"Well, this is not materialistic, I guess
Dear Santa, can you find me a girlfriend?
I have been feeling lonely and desperate
Can you put this suffering to an end?

Honestly, I have tried not to feel this way
But this feeling, I can no longer avoid 
When people share their love moments
In my heart, I feel a certain kind of void.

When I read about love in my books
I can not help but feel jealous of it
I can shut the book or close the show
But I feel inside my heart is burning lit.

When I see people walk holding hands
Or even noticing each other admiringly
My heart craves for the love every time
I feel inside my heart is hollow entirely.

I need someone who listens to me 
My stories, insecurities and my fears
I want someone who comforts me
I need someone who wipes my tears.

Someone to talk through frustration
Who cheers me up when I am low
I need to be associated with someone
In dark times, who makes me glow.

I need to be associated with someone
Mention whose name make me blush
And I am craving it for a long time now
That is the reason I am in such a rush.

I may sound very creep and very silly
Feelings are real. Hope you understand
That is my wish for Christmas, Santa
Tell me, can you find me a girlfriend?"

Santa sighed and sat down the bed
"I don't look like a matchmaker, do I?
But I can advise you to open more
Talk to people, stop being so shy.

The way you behave around girls 
I don't think you can ever get one 
To be in relationship with you, tbh.
So wake up, get out of desperation.

Instead of thinking what you crave
Be grateful for what you have got
You should enjoy love of your parents
And your friends, they love you a lot.

You always fight with your mom-dad
And friends who always think the best
For you. And you think you can love
Someone you don't even know yet?

These things looks good from outside
In reality, these things are really toxic
If you want to be truly happy in life
You better be away from relationships.

And you are doing quite good alone
Don't get sad from this toxic stuff
You don't need anyone, honestly
For yourself, you alone are enough.

Try to fall in love with yourself, man
You don't need what you say gf or bf
Doesn't matter if anyone loves or not
But You should always love yourself.

And when time comes you will see
You will find your life filled with joy
And I will try to find a match for you
If any girl out there wishes for a boy."

Santa stood up, straightened his dress
And gave me a letter and a chocolate
"I need to visit all the houses, boy
Permit me to leave. I am getting late."

I smiled him goodbye, opened the letter
"Merry Christmas, Shyam!" It read
It was the the best Christmas present
And then my struggle with sleep ended.