I found love in strangers


I found love in strangers
The operator of the cáfe
Who smiles at me every time I go there.
The security guard at the main gate
Who caught me smiling and talking to myself
Or the kind librarian who asks me about my day.
I found love in them.

From the train, I remember
I found love in strangers
The lady who shared the food
The young boy who played Ludo with me
Or the person who asked my name
Or the one who gave me some cash.
On my way to college

From the college, I remember
I found love in strangers
The boy who clicked my photo outside the chapel
Or the one who showed me the way to the canteen.
Or The girl who sits next to me in the library
And the girl who once praised my poetry.
The girl who returned my lost phone
Or the boy who was playing guitar on the SCR lawn.

I found love in the
The vegetable seller who does not bargain
Or the auto driver who describes his struggles in Delhi.

I found love in the stranger
Who wished me luck before my interview.
The senior who helped me with the code
The examiner who was kind enough not to fail me in the practicals
And the TA, who increased one mark on my request.

I found love in all the people
Who sits and listens to my stupid poem
All of you gathered to write about love.
I don't have the one person who makes me feel loved
But I have too many to count and I am still counting.