Certainly Not

I was waiting in line
Patiently for my turn
Only to witness 
The bowl of fruits being lifted.
Is the fruit of patience sweet?
Does being patient pays off?
Certainly Not!!
I have been hammering this nail
For last three yeas
Each stroke stronger than previous.
Has it moved a milimeter?
Does hardwork pays off?
Certainly not!!
I have been taking the fresh flowers
Visiting the temple for everyday
For many years now.
Asking for the same thing.
Has anything changed?
Does God exist?
Certainly not!!
I have been updating this blog
for last three years
Something or something else every week.
Has anyone been impressed by this?
Do girls give a damn about poetry?
Certainly not!!
I am going through same struggle 
Weaker and weaker everyday
Do people care?
Does life suck?
Certainly yes!!