Is It Normal?

Is it normal
To talk to yourself
In hushed voice
In a public place?
Even in the noise
It invites some stares.
Is it normal
While humming a song
To start doing movement
And start dancing along?
To start enjoying present.
Even that invites some stares
People watching, you're unaware.

Is it normal
To stop in the midway
And just admire the flower?
Take pictures of pretty sky.
And point and recognize the stars?

Is it normal for a boy
To own an amount of stationary
To be interested in poetry
To paint his nails
To cry when he fails
To be submerged in books
To be conscious of his looks
To help his mom in kitchen 
To play board games for fun.

It is normal or it's not
I don't really care
I don't event give it a thought
I don't give an f to the stares. 
I don't need any validation
I will do what I want to do
Even if it is abnormal action.
You deserve to be happy Shyam.