Love is like Magic

Love is like magic, some kind of trickery
Which people perform on others 
And take control of their lives.
Otherwise no girl would fall for a boy. 

Love is like magic It all seems so real
Until you decide to try it yourself.
It only exists in books and movies.
You know when I read a romantic book
I label it as fantasy fiction.

Dating and democracy has the same problem
The public is dumb.
Given the choice between a poet and fuckboy
who would you like to date?

Ofcourse the poet, in theory.
If he has abs to show off
money to buy me things.
And yeah if he cares than it's fine
I would love to boss things around.

Bitches be crazy sometimes
When someone tells then 
Find a man who reads books
Take you on a bookstore date
They comment 'me and who?'

Find a man who likes soft music
Taylor Swift and her lyrics.
Who would give you Handwritten latters.
Find a man who listens to Faiz and Faraz.
Find a man who would make cards for you.
And that's when I tell them 'Hey, It's me.'
And they be like: 'What a creep.'

They all are hypocrates. 
Every girl be like 
'Oh Honey, you can impress any girl you want.'
But not me. I love a rich fat fuckboy.
But when every set is a null set,
Where do we look to find an element?

Love is like magic
It seems preplaxing and unrealistic
But it all can be exposes
By the science of body and money.

Love is like magic
You can see wizard pulling lovers out of strangers
Similar to pulling peigon out of a tablecloth
But when you try do it yourself.
You get something entirely different
You get a thing: 'Just Friends.'