What makes me happy

These long alone walks
These long self talks
They really help me a lot
They develop me a lot...

Lost in a day dream
Reading under a Neem
Or staring at flowers
These are the happiest hours.

When you recite a poem and people clap
You gaze at them reducing the gap
When they feel exactly what you feel
Then it becomes a joyful deal!

The café operator smiles really cute
He knows it from my face
Because I always ask the same thing
And I sit at the same place.
He knows my taste
So gracefully, he makes my plate
From him, I get positive vibes
And it makes me smile.

And you!

You calling my name
Shyam: the sweetest sound in the world!
Telling me that you love my poetry
In the corridor beside the library.
Your smile really snatches my heart. 
Standing so close, yet worlds apart. 

This poem was written a long time ago. Ages it seems now. Those days in St. Stephen's college had been great. Today, none of these things are with me to make me happy. 
Life in IIT has been challenging. Every week is tougher than the last one. Every day comes with a powerful blow from life. Defend this, defend that. The small things which caused me joy seemed to be disappeared in the air, so I have been in search of larger things to make me happy. Oh I have just realized that. But however, if life is a challenge, I am ready to accept it. 
Milte hai next week with another old poem... tab tak ke liye.. khuda hafiz. 


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