She Is

 I have told myself
The practice of Normality
But here she teaches me
The definition of simplicity
Slip in your trousers
And go the party
Oh I can not make Sabji
But yes I can make roti.

She is like my other half
Like a long lost portrait
She is just like me
Just like me but different.

I have spent my life in labs
Only in taking observations
Yet here she is teaching me
Sit and observe people
And try to make predictions.

Her appearance is so simple
Yet she completes me like a
Missing piece of jigsaw puzzle.
like a dipole to magnetic mono-pole
The potential term in wavefunction
Imaginary part of analytic continuation.
Magnetic field to the electric one.

She adores me when
I explain her mathematics
i find her in laws of motion
And the formulae of Physics.

She balances me like
Right hand side of equation
Friction normal force Tension
Neutrinos in the nuclear reaction.

I make stories around me
I talk to characters in the air
She is a character come to life
Her impact big and substantial
She is like an imagination alive
Like drawing of Sanju's pencil.

She is a character written by divine
In the story of my life
She is so perfect so profine
Fine like a wine sharp like a knife.

She is a gift of God
Not something to be missed
But to be grabbed my both hands
To be kept preserved
To be loved and to be kissed.

To all the poems
Written on the beauty of women
Let this poem be a proof
That love is not physical attraction
But a way deeper emotion.
Love is not physical touch
but a sense of longing to a person.

I wrote this poem for my crush a long ago. Not everyone will love you back as you love them. And you can't force your love on anyone. 

I find myself far away from these now. I can't believe now that it was me who used to write such poems. But it is like that sometimes. Sometimes I would write more than a one in week and sometimes I don't write a poem for months. 

Life in IIT is good. The whether is really good. There is no summer here only cool and cloudy whether all day. I want to prepare for my upcoming exams but still somehow I am unable to do so. 

The book I am reading is: The Lost Symbol by Dan Brown. It's just typical Dan Brown book. An action packed thriller, mixed part of historic fiction, science fiction, and sometimes it feels like non fiction. The language is simple yet beautiful. It will be fun to read on the book that I am sure. 

I watched the movie Transformers: Rise of the Beast. This was also a typical transformers movie. Robots fighting with robots for a key. But for the first time, I watched it on the big screen and that was an experience. I felt like this was the movie only made for big screens not mobile or laptop (Adipurush lol!). 

The song for this week. I would recommend this classic Punjabi song if you under Punjabi. It is really funny breakup song.